Past Event: Mural Painting with Joe Clarke

  • Hackney Downs Studios Amhurst Terrace London, England, E8 2BT United Kingdom

We tried our hand at painting a large scale, outdoor mural with renowned graffiti artist Joe Clarke!

The workshop offered an opportunity to collaborate with Joe Clarke, a graffiti artist from London to produce a large scale mural at Hackney Downs Studios. Participants learned and experimented with painting techniques using a mixture of spray and liquid paints whilst interacting with the artist. We had two sessions on the same day, a morning and an afternoon session resulting in the creation of a full scale mural by the end of the day. 

Joe Clarke is a 22 year old artist from London. His body of work spans from graffiti to fashion design to 3D installation. Soft colour palettes, effects and multi medium techniques combine to create a strong impact on the viewer. He has curated and exhibited across the UK, designed for major sports brands and painted walls around Europe. His pursuit of unique aesthetics is evolutional and a reflection of the modern times of technology and design. 

Images by Andy Donahue