Past Event: Print the Moon: Stargazing and Lunar Photography at East London's best rooftop bar!

  • Netil360 1 Westgate Street London, England, E8 3RL United Kingdom

We spent an amazing evening at Netil360 exploring the skies! Brought to you by Hackney Arts and the Lumen collective, this unique event helped us to stare at the stars in a whole new light.

Astronomer Paul Hill took us on a skywards guided tour, talking lunar science and helping us to view the stars and the Moon through a collection of telescopes. With help from the super-talented Lumen collective, East London’s art collective dedicated to astronomy and light, we were guided in taking a unique photograph of the Moon. With the expert guidance of our hosts, we were able to print our very own photograph using Impossible Project film.

The Impossible Project are the only company still making analog, instant-print film since the demise of Polaroid in 2008, allowing us to make a real-life, stick-it-on-the-wall memory of this unmissable and unique event.