#2 - Capture The Sun: The Kids Who Can, Easter Holidays Club

  • Bootstrap Bee Garden 18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL

Join us as we create photographic prints using ultraviolet light from the Sun, paper and fabric! Learn how to coat, expose and develop cyanotype prints using this 19th century process. An astronomical day of fun!

The class will be lead by Melanie King. In 2015, Melanie held the record for the worlds largest cyanotype, which spanned ten by fifteen metres. She was also commissioned to make a 15 metre long cyanotype of leaves and flowers for the Chelsea Flower Fringe in 2016. 

Recommended Age - 8+Yrs. Book any three 'The Kids Who Can' Easter Holidays club events and receive an arty goody bag from our friends at Cowling & Wilcox.