Original, creative workshops, designed for businesses.

We believe that businesses and their employees can learn invaluable skills from our artists and their unique creative approach.

Creative Thinking Skills

Automation will affect one in five jobs by 2030. Creative thinking in the workplace is now more highly valued than ever.

Employee Wellbeing

Workplace wellness is important. Creativity has been proven to reduce anxiety, lower stress and positively affect mental health.

Job Satisfaction

Each and every employee is a valuable asset. Unlocking creative potential and providing development opportunities are key to job satisfaction and lowering employee turnover.

Organisational Culture

80% of UK employees say they feel pressure to be productive rather than creative at work. Employees value organisations that recognise creativity and nurture it.

Creative Workshops
Our artist-led workshops are specifically designed for employees to be done in the workplace..

Abstract Painting

Our abstract painting workshops develop your talents and encourage your artistic endeavours, whatever skill level you’re at.

Spoken Word

Break the fear barriers that can come with public performance and develop your confidence in our spoken word workshops.

Indoor Growing

Feel the therapeutic benefits of growing and harvesting your own herbs and edible plants, even if you only have a window ledge.


Watch your clay evolve into something beautiful, in our inspiring ceramics workshops.

Screen Printing

Make an original print on your own terms, as we encourage creative expression while teaching traditional printing techniques.

Creative Writing

Our tailored workshops give you the freedom of developing your creative writing skills, to start bringing your strands of imagination to life.

Herbal Wellbeing

We all need a bit of TLC sometimes, we teach contemporary and traditional methods of incorporating herbs into your wellness routine.

Street Photography

An interactive workshop to provide you with the essentials to take your first steps into street photography.


Arranging and making terrariums is a particularly fulfilling activity, this workshops teaches you everything you need to know.

Life Drawing

Our life drawing classes give you the freedom to develop your observational drawing skills with the simplest of materials.
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Previous Clients.

Client testimonials.

"For our annual ‘Learning at Work Week’, Hackney Arts provided us with an informative photography workshop and a fun and engaging screen printing session. Both workshops were exceptional and loved by all, we look forward to working with Hackney Arts again in the future."
Derin Bamgbelu, Learning and Development, The Mill
"Hackney Arts have provided us with workshops such as screen printing, growing indoors and herbal wellbeing for our tenants. They have been inclusive and enjoyable events that all of our tenants can take part in. They are great to work with and provide excellent workshops for the office environment."
Sophie Skewes, Client Events & Cultural Programmes Manager, Here East
“Kemosabe had an amazing street photography class. The team enjoyed a relaxing session where we learned the do’s and don’ts then took to the streets of Angel to give it a go ourselves. It was great fun and we’re looking forward to the next event!”
Rebecca Adair, Client Services Director, Kemosabe